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Death To Cds

Death To Cds

With the popularity of online music streaming sites and downloads, music listeners are using the Compact Disc less and less as a way for their music. In the last few years, digital sales have killed the sales of physical CDs and record executives say the CD will meet its end in as few as three years.

If an album comes out, I wouldn’t go buy the CD. I’d buy it on iTunes or something instead.

Heather Stein, College student at Kent State University

The cost of manufacturing and shipping physical CDs may not be cost effective for much longer, since a younger generation, including KSU students, isn’t as interested in owning a hard copy of their music.

The music CD is essentially dead. The only thing keeping it alive is the lack of a suitable replacement. The music industry has looked at using small DVD’s, while the mainstream audience has just accepted the use of the iPod and it’s alternates as a viable solution. The problem with small DVD’s though is that they still have all of the issues plaguing CD’s. Meanwhile portable .mp3 players like the iPod etc. are great but don’t allow for a global system that provides for the distribution, use, and organization of music.

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