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Who Is Listening To Your Music

Who's Listening T Your Music

Marketing is getting increasingly important because there is a lot of white noise out there so getting above the noise is crucial.

When we're talking about Facebook, SoundCloud or any other music promotion tool, the most important thing to consider isn't what is in fashion right now and what isn't but rather what YOUR fans are doing.

Let's consider promoting your music on social networking sites for a moment. You can read all of the blog posts/articles about how great social networking is for music promotion, how it is the best promotion tool ever, blah blah blah. When you spend all day online and enjoy using social networks, it can be hard to imagine that there could be any other way, especially since so much information pumping up the effectiveness of social networking sites is being swapped on, well, social networking sites.

However, what happens if your fans just aren't on these sites? What if your fans couldn't care less about friending you on Facebook, following you on Twitter, or any other site? Believe me, it happens. You could be investing lots of time running an admirable social networking campaign that might work wonders for other musicians, but your fans might not have any idea. You need to know where your fans are so they find out about all of those unreleased tracks, secret shows and everything else you're offering.

Knowing fans can also help you sell more music, book shows in the right places, target the right press, create the right merchandise and so much more.

That's where we come in. 63 Studios can taylor make a package for you that will drive your fans, well, directly to you. They will be able to get connected with you in one place, not 5 or more different sites. That type of connection is priceless. You will be able to get realtime information about is listening, when, what they listened to more, etc. So contact us today for information on how you can connect better with your listeners.