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Music Marketing 101

Music Marketing 101

Marketing is getting increasingly important because there is a lot of white noise out there so getting above the noise is crucial.

There is no reason to believe that what was valid 10, 20 even 30 years ago does not apply today. It would be a horrible mistake to think that because some music exists, it will find an audience just by simply being available. Now, as it was then, something terrible happens if you don’t promote… NOTHING!

And today, it is, in many ways, more difficult than ever to get heard and it is therefore very important to reach out to music fans in more non-traditional ways.

Our Music Gurus can help produce a marketing plan that will not only WOW your current fan base, but enhance your fan base like never before. Using new, creative tools and various other great technology, we can taylor make a plan that will fit you; from your personality to your budget.

Stop spending your money on some books that aren't directed at you? Stop listening to people who say they have the magic potion for successful marketing! Let a 63 Studios Guru handle this part for you. You have enough to worry about making your music. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and schedule a consultation to see why 63 Studios is right for you.